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About Valarie

Although Valarie Stephens is a self-proclaimed introvert (INFP), she lives her life as a free-spirited creative soul. She doesn’t allow stereotypes and labels to define her. She breaks stereotypes and labels and has no glass ceiling. She simply loves to create and considers herself to be a renaissance woman of the creative arts. She has a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in Communications and is also an actress, broadcast journalist, painter, videographer and writer. Although she has been an introvert her entire life she loves who she is and has strong desire to share her personal experiences educating others on the quiet mind. She would like to start a positive dialogue on different personality types and how we can all coexist. She has a true passion for life and helping others.


Valarie is excited to write her first book and share her life experiences meant tol help others. She doesn’t feel that having one label should limit a person from doing other things. Why not do it both? Why not do it all?

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