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Working With Extroverts in the Corporate World

Life really seems to come at you once you hit a certain age. One moment you're living carefree without a worry in the world just trying to figure things out and the next moment you're married with kids, have responsibilities and become a part of the regular hustle and bustle of everyday life. By this time if you don't have a plan or goals for yourself, you can easily become lost in the conglomerate scope of your "reality" whatever that may be.

My conglomerate scope of reality consists of working in the corporate world which seems to consume all of my time these days, although I don't consider myself lost. You see, I have a plan. I work in a world full of extroverted energy and personalities which can be overwhelming at times, but I find my solitude in the simple things in life. Setting aside quiet time and space for myself allows me to create and be creative. I absolutely have to or I would go crazy. It's that quiet space that allows me to recharge, get up and do it all over again the next week. I rest, I create and I plan in my quiet space and then I go back to work. Fun stuff, huh:)

Working around many extroverted personalities can drain an introverts energy. This comment is not meant to be a negative but just the reality of the situation. Because extroverts crave attention, they constantly seek it out whether they're cognizant of it or not. Its more like a, "Hey pay attention to me, I'm talking," kind of energy. When introverts give their attention and energy to an extrovert, it can end up being a draining experience if we don't learn when to cut it off and politely walk away. Extroverts may completely take us the wrong way if they don't have an understanding for introverted personalities. Luckily, I have been able to maintain a delicate balance between my quiet nature and working in the corporate world that builds a bridge between introvert/extrovert relationships.

Although I am very internal, I have developed an amiable side that allows me to converse one on one with any type of personality. This really works for me because I am a supervisor and have to mentor/advise/discuss etc. with my professionals as well as other management. If there is anything that I could advise introverts who work in the corporate world, it would be to focus on the one on one conversations. Those are most important because you are building relationships one person at a time. It's okay to not be the center of attention if that's not who you are, but working in the business world means communicating with other people to accomplish your tasks and get things done. There's no way around it. Don't worry about the office parties or the business after-hour parties or hanging out with your co-workers after work if that is not you. Be authentically you and true to your character and the universe will accept you for you truly are:)

Until Then,

The Quiet Thinker

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