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Life of A Writer...

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged or written any new material, but I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus. The life of a writer definitely has its ups and downs. After writing my first book, self-publishing and trying to promote it I experienced a period of lull.

This was a new feeling for me. Because I had worked so hard for the past couple of years putting my book together as well as all my effort and energy into anything related to it, I came to a point of realization that I’d done everything I could possibly do. I then had to ask myself what was next, yet I didn’t quite know the answer to that question.

I had not given my brain a moment to rest within those 2 years, so I was constantly thinking, ‘What’s the next step in this process?’ Well now that everything was complete I had a moment to exhale. So, I did nothing. I sat silently and let my mind be at ease. And I have to say that it felt good to take a break, get my thoughts together and regroup.

During this period, I spoke to God, my spirit guides and I just listened. There were many lessons I learned. Because I have this long list of things that I want to accomplish in life, there’s this sense of urgency to only be ‘doing’ instead of sitting around letting life pass me by. Well, one lesson I learned is that no matter what we want to accomplish in life, God is always in control of it. We can’t speed it up or slow it down. We must be patient and gracious to allow those blessings to come when they’re meant to.

Even sitting in complete silence is ‘doing’ something. It’s rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. In my silence I learned to go beyond the goals on my list and see the bigger picture. The bigger picture in life is the actual journey and lessons learned while taking the journey. It is also understanding our purpose. We may see ourselves as small, insignificant beings in a big world but we each have an important role that affects other’s lives as well as the delicate balance of our world.

I used this time to reflect on the experience of writing a book and gathered feedback from others on things I could do differently for the next one. I allowed myself to dream, to envision my future and what I wanted to create. I allowed my self to sleep in on the weekends and do absolutely nothing! I changed my diet and took control of my health making wiser choices. I worked out. I pampered myself, buying some things I always wanted. This time off has allowed me to grow spiritually in my silence and I can say that it has been the best thing for me on my path. I now feel ready to jump back in the ring and start the next chapter.

You will see more blog content from me in the coming months and I will try to post on a weekly basis. I’m excited about the direction I’m headed and have a lot of creative ideas I plan to bring to this site.

Thanks for your support!

The Quiet Thinker

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